Magnetic Level Gages - Indicador de Nivel Magnético
  Applications - Aplicaciones
  The Riva Hnos. s.r.l Magnetic Liquid Level Indicator uses a magnet equipped float that is housed in a non-magnetic float chamber. This float moves up and down with the changing liquid level of the vessel that is attached to. Outside of the gauge chamber is a magnetic and high visible indicator which indicates the fluid level. 
  Los indicadores de nivel magnéticos de la serie M-RH ofrecen muchas ventajas sobre los visores de nivel convencionales o los sensores electrónicos de nivel. En casos de extrema presión y temperatura o con fluidos corrosivos y peligrosos estos instrumentos tienen un excelente desempeño eliminando problemas de mantenimiento y situaciones de peligro para el personal
Water Oil Production and Refining
Steam Condensate Power Plants
Caustics Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
Oil Water and Wastewater Treatment
Oil and Water Interfaces  Food
Gasoline-Propane-Butane-Ethane Pharmaceuticals
Solvents-Acetone-Toluene- Pulp and Paper
Refrigerants Etc.
  10 Reasons to consider...

Rugged design - Diseño robusto


Low Maintenance - Bajo Mantenimiento


Reduces Fugitive Emissions - Reduce posibles fugas


No Process To Contact Glass - Sin contacto del vidrio con el proceso


Wide Variety Of Materials - Amplia variedad de materiales


Safe for corrosive, flammable, toxic, high temperature and pressure applications - Seguro para aplicaciones con productos corrosivos, inflamables, tóxicos y también con alta temperatura y presón.


Clear Visual Indication From Extended Viewing Distances - Clara indicación del nivel a largas distancias


Interface Indication - Indicación de Interfase


Point Level, Electrical And Pneumatic For Alarms & Controls - Alarmas y controles Neumáticos y Eléctricos



  Features - Características  
  FLOAT CHAMBER: Is a pipe of 2 ½  
  I NDICATOR: Is magnetically coupled to the float and moves up and down with the liquid level.  It is brightly colored witch provides high effective visual indication.  
  P ROCESS CONDITION CAPABILITY: Pressure from vacuum to 4500 psig. Temperatures from -320 to 1000 ºF. Specific gravity as low as 0.3   
  ACCESSORIES: illuminators, Non-frosting extensions and insulation jackets. Also see the Accessories page  
  CONNECTIONS: This gages have wide range of mounting styles.  
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