Sight Flow Indicators - Indicadores de Caudal  
  Applications - Aplicaciones  
  Our Sight Flow Indicators can be specified to accommodate very specific application requirements. Special models can be designed and manufactured to meet unique  installation, processing or flow criteria.   

Nuestros Indicadores de caudal son diseñados y construidos para cumplir con los requerimientos de instalación y características del fluido.

Tubular Glass Tubular Glass Circular  Glass
Protected Full view 360º Simple or Double vision
Threaded Threaded or Flanged Threaded or Flanged
Armored: For low pressure applications. The steel housing surrounding provides protection of the sight tube  against mechanical impacts.
Full View: This model provides 360º of visibility to observe the flow of liquid in a piping system Threaded and flanged connections available.
High Pressure: Heavy duty cast construction. Threaded and flanged connections available. Mechanical indicators available to enhance the visibility (see table below).
  Features - Características  
  MATERIALS: Some of the material available are: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 316, Bronze.  
  BOLTS & NUTS: Alloy steel for high temperature services.  
  GLASS: Tempered borosilicate glass.  
  INDICATOR STYLES: Rotor/Flapper  
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