Tubular Level Gages - Indicadores de Nivel Tubular
  Applications - Aplicaciones

The simplest and least costly method of liquid level indication is the tubular gage glass. Tubular Glass Gages are used to provide liquid levels measures in applications of  low pressures and temperatures and restricted to non-toxic and non-hazardous materials. They are externally mounted to the tank or boiler and use tubular glass to provide direct visual verification of the liquid level present.


The gage glass is usually provided by a number of metal rods or transparent shield to protect the glass from breakage and the operator from flying particles in case the gage glass shatters. Available accessories allow you to customize each gage to your specific application requirements.


Estos visores proveen una visibilidad de 360 ° del nivel del líquido a través de un Tubo de Borosilicato altamente resistente. Las paredes del mismo son extremadamente claras, resistentes a la corrosión y a los cambios de temperatura. Aun así si la rotura accidental ocurriera las válvulas cuentan con bolillas de Acero Inoxidable que bloquean el paso del fluido. El tubo puede contar con una caja de protección montada rodeando al mismo. Las presiones de trabajo dependen del largo del vidrio y del diámetro interior y exterior.

  What makes our product good?

SAFETY: The break of a glass is something absolutely unusual, but if this happen, all the Riva Hnos valves have installed safety ballchecks that provide protection against physical injury and loss of product.


SIMPLICITY: As few instruments, the installation, operation and maintenance could be carried out with extreme easiness.

  RELIANCE: Our level indicators are simple, instruments designed and constructed to give a precise reading during a lifetime of the vessel.   
  Features - Características  
  TUBULAR GLASS: Tempered borosilicate glass is standard for high strength and resistance to thermal shock and erosion.  
  VALVES: All the Riva Hnos valves have installed safety ballchecks that provide protection against physical injury and loss of product.  
  PACKING MATERIAL: Highest quality materials.  
  PROTECTORS: Are used to prevent glass breakage from external causes. They also help to minimize the possibility of injury or damage should the gage glass pressure rating be exceeded . Also see Accessories page .  
  ACCESSORIES: Protectors, illuminators, and insulation jackets. Also see the Accessories page .  
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